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Equipment Guide: Spring/Summer/Fall Mountain Bike Programs

TRAIL KIDS Program Requirements

Each youth participant for any TRAIL KIDS spring or summer programs will need the following:

  • Mountain bike with gears and two front brakes (pedal breaks are not safe for mountain biking on trails).
  • Helmet
  • Water bottle/camelbak
  • Bike gloves (not mandatory but is helpful to grip handles).
  • Sunglasses (one’s with clear or yellow lense to protect eyes from branches and mud ). Not mandatory.
  • TRAIL KIDS bike jersey’s are not required but are an option for parents to purchase if desired. They have back pockets that kids carry items in such as snacks and tools. They are available for purchase at the cost of $40. Make checks payable to Loppet Foundation. 
  • Pre-spring/summer/fall bike check up on tires, brakes and seat height are recommended at local bike shop.

Bike Fitting Tips:

  • Most of the kids should be looking at bikes with at least >or =24″ bike. There might be a few of the younger kids that would be on 20″ bikes, but I would think that would be an exception.
  • The big brands, Trek, Specialized, and Diamondback all have nice youth sized bicycles, with shocks, disk brakes and good components that will hold up in the riding that we do.
  • For this age group, I would stay away from the fat bikes (with tires >3″)

Local Bike Shops:

Recommended Brands:

  • Specialized: Hotrock series, a good bike with a range of specs and prices.
  • Riprock: Oversize tires help build confidence on rocky rutted trails.
  • Trek: Superfly series
  • Diamondback: Sync’r or Line series.

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