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About Loppet TRAIL KIDS


Loppet TRAIL KIDS provides year round outdoor active adventures club for youth ages 7 – 14 years old. Kids enjoy activities throughout the year that include mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, adventure running, and cross country skiing. We are affiliated with the TRAIL KIDS Midwest  program which is the governing body over all the Midwest TRAIL KIDS clubs.

The club has four main season’s that we focus on different endurance sports.

Spring/Summer Season (May – August)

The spring and summer is focused on mountain biking along with week long camps that provide a variety of outdoor adventures. The fall session we focus on orienteering, trail running, strength/agility, and roller-skiing.

Fall Season (September – November)

During the fall season we focus more on orienteering, adventure trail running, strength/agility and rollerskiing/rollerblade and some mountain biking on the weekends.

Winter Season (December – March)

The winter season focuses on both classic and skate techniques of cross country skiing.

The focus of all the year-round programs is on general physical development and love of outdoor endurance sports. Significant time is devoted to agility, speed and strength. We use tools like hurdles, obstacle courses, box jumps, and games to enhance learning and challenge each athlete. Endurance training is a big part of each session, and the emphasis changes depending on the time of year.

We provide trained Nordic coaches who are certified in level 100 USSA coaching along with skilled mountain bike instructors that have gone through the IMBA level 100/200 training clinics.

Loppet TRAIL KIDS provides competition opportunities for youth in each season of the year. In the Spring and summer youth enjoy doing relay and individual races in the Loppet Adventure Mountain bike race series on the trails at Wirth Park. In the fall we provide an Adventure Trail Running series where youth get to jump over hay bales and cross streams! During the winter we encourage youth to participate in the MYSL Sprint Relay Series  along with the Skiwerx and CXC Youth Cup series. We introduce kids to competition in many different formats but ultimately our goal is to instill a love of endurance sports and an active lifestyle.

U10 competition focus for Loppet TRAIL KIDS: For ages under 10 we provide some relay race adventures throughout the year but the focus is more on developing a love for the sport and adventure.

U12 and U14 age group competition focus for Loppet TRAIL KIDS: As the kids reach older ages of 10 – 14 we introduce them to mass start and individual race formats in biking, running and Nordic skiing.