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Practice Schedule

Team Loppet Training Sessions for Fall 2015

What to expect for Team Loppet Training Sessions: In general we would characterize all Team Loppet workouts as Intermediate to Advanced in nature. A Team Loppet “group leader” will meet the group will describe the suggested route. Note that the Group Leader is there for a workout as well- and cannot keep you from getting lost, tired or hungy :). Please bring waterbelt/camelback and training snacks. Also phone and money if its a long distance workout. Helmets are required, as are brightly colored clothing. Many of the workouts are on public roads so you need to be visible and aware of traffic.

We encourage all athletes to enroll in LNR Technique and Training sessions for technique coaching: http://www.loppet.org/lnr-adults/

Tuesday Intensity Workouts– starting Sept 22. – mid November Meeting on Tuesdays, 7am-8:30am in 2 locations:

(1) Greenway, right behind Whole Foods (map quest address is 3655 W 31st St, 55416).

(2) French Park- bottom of 36th Avenue hill. These workouts will involve some intensity, Specific Strength- DP, Legs only, Single Stick.

Sunday Distance Workouts- starting September 27 Distance- generally 35-60km, or 2:30-3:15hrs. We will generally have a longer and shorter route option. A technique is listed as a recommended technique of the day, but you can ski whatever technique you prefer.

-Saturday Nov 14Urban Eco-Challenge: A full or partial day of urban activity to celebrate the end of fall on a beautiful day. Schedule: 8:45 am meet at Wirth Beach; 9:00-11:30 skate rollerski Cedar Lake trail to Hopkins, Greenway to river road, river road to Minnehaha and back to Wirth around the lakes. 12:00 lunch at Calhoun Village Chipotle or Whole Foods **People will be on slightly different schedules- aim to meet for lunch at 12:00. Some people will switch out skate skis for mtn bikes at their homes or cars, before or after the ski. 1:00-2:30 Mountain Bike Meet at intersection of Theodore Wirth Parkway and Glenwood Parkway. 3:00-4:30 Trail run or pole hiking in bog and Eloise Butler. Meet at Wirth Beach 3:00. **Anyone who skis, runs, hikes, bikes, or paddles to east side of Calhoun by 4:45 will be treated to drinks, food and fun, and a ride back to Wirth will be provided if needed.  (Dinner & drinks for anyone who participates in at least one leg of the day)

** Email questions and Please rsvp to Hale@loppet.org if you plan to come to the drinks & dinner at Lake Calhoun.

Pick and choose which legs to participate in, or do them all! 

Winter Training- Dec-Feb

-Thursdays 5:30 am. Wirth (or Hyland until Wirth is open). Bring a headlight and an intrepid spirit and join others in a focused interval workout squeezed in before work.

-evening session TBA

-distance ski on selected Sundays.