Loppet Foundation

Team Loppet MTB

Team Loppet MTB is the mountain biking wing of Team Loppet.

Team Loppet MTB members train for and compete in Minnesota area mountain biking events – like Penn Cycle’s Buck Hill Races, the Loppet Adventure Mountain Bike Series, the UCare Tri-Loppet, the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series and the Laddie’s Loppet at Maplelag resort.

Team Loppet MTB:

  • Competes and scores as a Team at Minnesota Mountain Bike Series events, and other midwest mountain bike events.
  • Provides a way to train and race together under the banner of the Loppet Foundation.
  • Includes athletes from Loppet Adventures, TRAIL KIDS, Loppet Mountain Bike Club and LNR.


Team Loppet MTB is open to all ages and abilities. It includes riders in all the ability categories- Kids Comp, Citizen, Sport, Comp and Expert/Pro.


Fly the Loppet flag and enjoy racing and training within the Loppet family. This is a unique way for families to race on the same team. Team Loppet MTB includes racers from age 7-70! Ability Level from Kids Comp to Expert/Pro.


  • Train and Compete as a Team Loppet athlete!
  • Team Loppet tent and post-race picnic at select Buck Hill, MN MTB Series races, and other regional events.
  • Team Loppet training rides and training information
  • Discounts at Penn Cycle and 10% discount on online registration for Loppet events.
  • Purchase a Team Loppet kit from Podiumwear
  • Score for Team Loppet in the MN MTB Series-  need to register here: http://www.mnmtbseries.com/page/show/181954-series-registration
  • Regular Communication from Team Loppet via email and Loppet.org


  • Register for Team Loppet MTB
  • Our goal is to have Team Loppet MTB athletes competing several races each season- whether they be Penn Cycle Buck Hill events, MN Mtb Series,  and other regional MTB races like the Cable Classic, Chequamegon 100, Pre-Fat, or Laddies Loppet.
  • Represent the Loppet Foundation in the best possible light
  • Volunteer at at least one Loppet Event and/or participate in a Loppet Age Gap Relay event with a child in a Loppet youth development program.

Race Schedule, Scoring Points for Team Loppet MTB and more Details:

Dear Team Loppet Athletes-

Register here for Point Scoring.  more lengthy description of Team Scoring below

 Race Schedule 2015

  • May 3     -Buck Hill, Burnsville,  part of MN Mtb Series.  Terrain: quite hilly with steep ups and downs, fairly technical.  “B” race.  Not my favorite course, but very close to the Twin Cities, so very convenient to jump into an early season race!
  • May 17 -Wooly Race, St Croix Falls, WI, part of MN Mtb Series.  Terrain: rolling, for the most part, great beginner course.  “A” race.
  • May 30 -Mt Borah Epic, Cable, WI.    30 mile point to point race.  Not part of MN series.  Epic Website One of the very best races of season- flowing, fairly technical.  “A” race
  • May 31-Mankato, Mankato, MN.  Part of MN Mtb Series.  Terrain: very hilly and but not very technical.  Great course.  Highly recommend this race, except for the fact that its on the Mt Borah Epic weekend .  “B”
  • June 7-Elk River, Elk River, MN.  Part of MN MTB Series.  Terrain:  lots of short steep hills, quite technical, twisty, narrow.  “B”
  • June 20-Cheq 100, Cable, WI.  100mile/100km.  great event.  Full for this year, but something to think about for next year!!!
  • June 28 -Cayuna, Ironton, MN.  Part of MN Mtb Series.  Terrain:  flowing, generally good for all abilities.  “A”.  new race for this year !
  • July 12-Mission Creek, Duluth, MN.  Part of MN mtb series.  Terrain: flowing, pretty good for all abilities,  a fair amount of climbing.  “B” race
  • July 26 -White Tail, River Falls, WI.  Part of MN MTB Series.  Terrain:  mix of flow and tight. All abilities. Really fun place to race- all in the woods.  “A”
  • Aug 16 -Lester Park, Duluth.  Part of MN MTB Series.  Terrain:  challenging- hilly.  Definitely more technical trails.  “A” race
  • Aug 30 -Red Wing, Red Wing, MN.   Part of MN MTB series.  Terrain:  real mix of terrain.  Sport, Comp, Expert loops very difficult.  If its raining, skip this one!  “A” race
  • Sept 5-6-Laddies Loppet.  Maplelag, Detroit Lakes, MN.  Two days of racing at Maplelag.  The best family weekend for MTB!  No longer a MN Series race, but very fun. Trails are quite technical.  Many TeamLoppet athletes will be there.  You can reserve housing at Maplelag Resort and trails are right out the door.  Very social weekend.  “A”   There will be many Team Loppet Racers attending Laddies Loppet
  • Sept 12- Jail Trail Race, St Cloud.  Part of Mn MTB Series.  Terrain:  very flat, twisty and tight.  “B”
  • Sept 19-Chequamegon, Hayward, WI.   The Birkie of  mountainbike racing-  already full.   Not very technical, and definitely not as “fun” as the smaller races.  Really a road race on mountain bikes- test of fitness.

 “A” Races and “B” Races

I have listed a number of MN MTB Series races, and a few others that are not in the series.  Those races listed as “A” races are those that Team Loppet will have a formal presence with our Team Loppet tent/food/drink.   “B” races are good races to attend, but we will not have the Team Loppet tent there.

Registration for MN MTB Series Website:    MN MTB Series Website

Smaller Midweek Races

  • Thursday Nights at Buck Hill-  Presented by Penn Cycle.  Every Thursday, runs beginning of May thru end of August.  There is an Expert Race (60min) and a Citizen Race (40 min).  very fun, social,  atmosphere, lots of families and kids, and very inexpensive $10, but with Penn Cycle gift card awards to top 3 in Expert and Citizen, and lots of great swag.  Can sign up day of race.  http://www.penncycle.com
  • TRAIL KIDS Adventure MTB Series-   summer series for kids age 7-15, there are 6 races on Wednesdays.  Registration at 5pm, start at 5:45pm.   Different distances and formats every week, great intro to mtb racing for kid. One race is a child/adult relay.

Scoring for Team Loppet in the MN MTB Series

  • There is a season long team scoring for the MN MTB series. Points are scored in all race categories:   Kids Comp, Citizen, Sport, Comp, Marathon, Expert.  In order to do well in the Team Scoring, a team needs athletes in every category!
  • Note that the course distance and difficulty changes depending on category. So the citizen category will be approximately 45 min long, and will have the easiest technical features, while the Expert race will be approx 2hrs long and have the most technically difficult trail .
  • There is no requirement that you register for the series as a TeamLoppet athlete, but we REALLY want you to register so you can score points!!!
  • In order to score points, you need to register here: Series Scoring Registration.  cost is $15 for the season.  You need to register by May 31, but, bottom line, the sooner you register the better!  You can’t have races scored retroactively.

Penn Cycle Discountshttp://www.penncycle.com/

  • All TeamLoppet athletes are now registered with Penn Cycle.
  • Discounts for parts and clothing: 15% off retail
  • Discounts for bikes are 15% off retail (will vary slightly depending on the bike).
  • When you go to check out, tell the sales person that you are TeamLoppetMTBteam, and that you would like to use your discount on your purchase.They will hopefully know that you are supposed to get a discount.  This is a new relationship with the shop, so don’t be surprised if the salesperson needs to ask their manager how to give you the discount.  They will look up your name on the computer, and it will assign the discount.
  • There is no discount on service (only parts).
  • Please be friendly and enthusiastic with Penn Cycle employees-this is a new relationship and we want to get this off on the right foot!
  • If there are questions regarding discounts, please contact Piotr at bednarski@loppet.org

Team Loppet Kit

  • Orders should be shipped directly to you approximately May 15
  • Please contact me via email if you have not ordered but would like to-we can do another order at the end of May (bednarski@loppet.org)
  • Wear you TeamLoppet kit with Pride!

What Category Should I Race??

  • Kids Comp-ages 8-14-  generally first 2 seasons of racing.  Most kids who are fairly advanced and age 12 and up will generally move to Citizen
  • Citizen category-all age groups-  this is the beginner category.  Races take approximately 50-75 min.  There are generally very few obstacles- though there can be some big climbs.
  • Sport-Race distance is approx 75-90 minutes long.   This is substantially more technical than Citizen.  Expect very steep downhills, log piles, rock gardens.  At some venues, it’s the same loop as Comp and Expert, only fewer laps.  At some venues it’s a slightly less technical loop. Due to participation numbers, women advance directly from Sport to Expert.
  • Comp-(men only).  Between sport and expert.  Races are generally 90min-120min.  most technical loop.  5 year age groups.
  • Expert- men and women. Generally 1:45-2:15 in time.  Same loop as Comp.  10 year age groups.   Many very fast young racers, and some tough old ones.
  • Marathon-men and women. 4 hours.  Same loop as Comp and Expert, only twice as many loops!  Actually pretty fun – goes out much slower.  Not every venue has Marathon category.

Weather Considerations

– HOT-  camelbacks are great for Mtb races.   need to drink, super important.  using an electrolyte drink like “scratch” .  I don’t recommend using waterbottles, especially for new racers.

– MUD-  really muddy conditions are problematic-  for beginners, not a great way to start.  For all, you can really damage your drivetrain in very muddy considerations.  Races in Hayward are not bad in the rain (sandy soil).  Red Wing needs to be avoided if its wet at all.

-You can sign up for weather delay notifications, etc, on the MN MTB Series Website-  reports sent out via text