Loppet Foundation

Loppet Challenge

Skiers test their mettle with a series of two long-distance races. The Challenge starts on Saturday with the Hoigaard’s Classic and continues the following Sunday with the Columbia Sportswear Skate. Age class awards based on the cumulative time for the two races, with an “enduro” each day offering an opportunity for a time bonus.

Challenge Registration

Special separate registration for the Loppet Challenge runs through November 30 only. Challenge participants who register by November 30 receive the special lower-cost Loppet Challenge pricing and a unique race hat that reflects their status as Loppet Challenge participants. Note that participants who register after November 30 register at the normal individual race price for both events and do not receive a special Loppet Challenge hat. Loppet Challenge registration closes with on-line registration. An athlete who registers for individual events after Tuesday, January 23 will not be scored as a Loppet Challenge participant, even if they ski in both events.

Status Through September 7 Through November 30 Through January 4 Through January 23 Through January 30 February 3 (in-person only) February 4 (in-person only)
Loppet Challenge
(Hoigaard’s Classic + Columbia Sportswear Skate)
Open $140 $150

Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of cancellation or event transfer.


Skiers register for the Loppet Challenge by November 30, or register individually for the Hoigaard’s Classic and the Columbia Sportswear Skate (note that registrants after November 30 do not receive a special Loppet Challenge hat). Hand-crafted age class prizes are awarded to the skiers with the top cumulative time for the weekend, less any time bonuses for the Saturday enduro. The top skier in each age class receives a 30 second time bonus for being the first in his/her age class in the enduro.

Example: Fred Fifties finishes the Classic in 2:10 and the Freestyle in 2:00. Fred is the first in his age class in the enduro in the Classic. Fred’s total time is 2:10 + 2:00 – 30 seconds = 4:09:30. Mo Lasses finishes the Classic in 2:10 and the Skate in 1:59:45, but Mo is not the first in the age class in the enduro on Saturday. Mo finishes with a total time of 4:09:45 – fifteen seconds behind Fred.

CXC Marathon Cup

The Loppet Challenge is part of the CXC Marathon Cup race series.

Your team or club must have CXC club membership in order to be scored in the CXC Marathon Cup. Teams or clubs can register at http://bit.ly/1eu9iPD. Teams must be registered by October 1st to be scored in the CXC Marathon Cup.

Individuals will automatically be scored for series events in which they participate; CXC membership is optional but they are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits that CXC membership provides. More information on CXC/USSA Membership.