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Luminary Loppet

There is no one plan for parking and transportation for Luminary Loppet participants. Instead, there are a number of options.

Park around Lake of the Isles

Luminary Loppet participants may park on streets around Lake of the Isles. (Note that packet pickup tents will be located around Lake of the Isles and participants may pick up their glow sticks at any of the tents.)

Uptown Parking

Luminary Loppet participants can park in Uptown and walk down the Mall to the Lagoon area where there will be a packet pickup tent

Take Metro Transit to the Luminary Loppet

Luminary Loppet participants can take Metro Transit buses to the events. Click here for more information about Metro Transit buses.

Walker Library Shuttle Bus

Luminary Loppet participants can take a free shuttle bus from the Walker Library in Uptown to Loppet Village at Lake Calhoun Center from 5:00pm to 10:30pm.

  • Uptown Shuttle from the Walker Library: 2880 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Note that with this option participants will need to ski, snowshoe or walk from Loppet Village to Lake of the Isles, where the Luminary Loppet is centered.

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