Loppet Foundation

Campaign Donors

Capital Campaign Contributors – as of June 30, 2017
Thank you for your generous support!


Carl & Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation

$200,000 and above

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
David Dayton

$50,000 to $199,999

Anonymous (2)
Carl and Connie Shaffer – in honor of the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Nordic Ski Team
David Bryan and Ann Longfellow
Ed and Jenni Ryan
Edward R. Bazinet Charitable Foundation
General Mills
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
Justin Chueh and Pauline Shuen
Leslie Hale and Tom Camp
M. A. Mortenson Company
Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee – Legacy Fund Grant
Paul and Mary Reyelts Foundation
Quality Bicycle Products
Rehael Fund – Roger Hale/Nor Hall of the Minneapolis Foundation
Steve Kotvis
Vanessa Dayton – in memory of Caleb Dayton

$25,000 to $49,999

Angus and Margaret Wurtele
Anonymous – in memory of Caleb Dayton
Dr. Brian Zelickson and Ms. Mary McCarthy and Family
Gretchen and Bob Amis
John and Diana Munger
Julia Dayton
Lucille H. Amis
Mark and Penelope Greene
Mr. D Andrew Hall III and Ms. Natalie A Olsen
National Winter Sports Education Foundation
Ned Foster and Laura Tiffany – in honor of David C. Foster
Surly Brewing Co.

$10,000 to $24,999

Bill and Karen Brown and family
Daniel Raether and Susan Gunderson
Danita Carlson and Brian Thyr
Darby and Geri Nelson
David Winton Bell Foundation
Dick and Chris Howard
Eric Sumner and Sheila Eldred
Isaac Dayton
Jackie and John Schneider
James and Wanda Hollensteiner Foundation
James E Sorensen – in honor of Mary K. Sorensen
Jay and Page Cowles
John and Patricia Owens – in memory of Jim Owens
Josh Simonson
Mark Raderstorf and Linda Armstrong
Michael Bono and Kathie Constantine
Minneapolis Foundation
North Star Ski Touring Club
Penn Cycle
Peter and Maura Brew Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Portman Amis Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Rolf and Nancy Engh
Scott and Angie Rake
Skip Fay and Mary Anderson Fay
The Dorsey and Whitney Foundation
Tom and Julie Gujer
Will Oberton
William Blazar and Mary Hunstiger

$5,000 to $9,999

Aaron and Merrie Sjogren
Andrew and Brenda Schweizer
Barb Owens – in memory of Jim Owens
BMS Intermediaries, Inc
Brad Bart and Susan Diem
Bruce and Lee Osterling
Charlson Foundation
Corey Brinkema and Maree Hampton
Craig and Kim Rudd
Crown Construction Company
Cynthia Osterling
David and Leni Moore
David and Mary Neal – in memory of Jim Owens
David Peterson and Susan Feyereisen
Douglas and Wendy Dayton Foundation
Douglas Smith – in memory of Jim Owens
Ellen Grace
Eoin O’Hara and Heidi Meyer
Fawzia Khan and Blair Anderson
Felicia Boyd
Gail and Stuart Hanson
Gordon H. Ritz, Jr. / Larsen Fund
Jean and John Lavelle
Jim and Ellen van Iwaarden
JJ Haywood
John and T.D. Gibbs
Jonathan and Gail Van Horn
Julia Joseph-Di Caprio
Julie and Rob White
Leroy Leftwich
Lisa Hollensteiner
Mark Bixby and Keelin Kane
Mary McKelvey and Chris Bercaw
Medtronic – Your Cause, LLC
Minneapolis Parks Foundation
OSilas Foundation
Rob Werling and Kim Ford
Scott and Candace Gislason
The Layton Family Charitable Fund
Tom Ajax
Tom Owens – in memory of Jim Owens and in honor of Mary Bolla and David Dayton
Wesley Miller and Nancy Nelson

$1,000 to $4,999

Aaron and Erika Zabler
Abrams Family Fund
Andre and Liz L’Heuruex
Andrew Johnson – in honor of John Munger
Andrew Turner
Andy and Biance Martens
Anonymous (10)
Anonymous – in honor of Stillwater “Wax Shed” Volunteers
Anthony and Carolyn Bramante
Beatrice Schneider and Doug Smith
Bill and Jane Minge
Bill and Linda Kerker
Bill and Sarah Oyler
Bob and Barbara Woodruff
Bob O’Hara
Brad and Sarah Lis
Brian Milavitz and Sue Smukler
Bruce and Carie Alexander – in honor of Susan and Archie Alexander
Bruce and Lisa Martens
Bruce Chamberlain
Carleton Perry and Leslie Legg
Carol Owens – in memory of Jim Owens
Catherine Duncan – in memory of Jim Owens
Charles and Heather Jacoby
Charles and Julie Zelle
Charlie and Anne Ferrell
Chris and Jean French
Chris Morley and Kristin Smith
Chuck Webster – in memory of Jim Owens
Coach Pub Johnson
Craig Matticks and Heather Maginniss
Daniel Buettner
David and Cathie Tilman – in honor of Darby and Geri Nelson and our family of skiers and Jim Gulstrand – Coach and Mentor
David and Audrey Abrams
David and Josie Nelson
David and Lynn Vander Haar – in honor of Noah
David and Sarah Mainguy
David Bitner and Marin Byrne
David C. Warner – in memory of Jim Owens
David Gorman and Alison Forney-Gorman
David J Chizek
Dean Jones and Ami Sharp
Don and Keyna Skeffington
Anonymous donor advised fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation
Edward R. Eroe
Edward Villaume – in memory of Jim Owens
Eric and Jenni O’Link – in honor of Margaret Adelsman
Eric Hedman
Erik and Roseann Ekstrom
Forrest Burke in memory of Jim Owens
Gary and Tracy Friedell
Gary Cunningham and Betsy Hodges
Gary Johnson
Gene and Jane Kay – in honor all of the volunteers who give their time to further the mission of the Loppet
Genie Zarling and Joe Michl
Geoff Emerson and Lynda Kauls
George Boody and Ann Risch
Glenn Miller and Jocelyn Hale – in memory of Jim Owens
Henry Sinkler and Anne Crampton
Hubert Joly – in honor of Penelope and Mark Greene
Ian Kees
James Agre and Brenda Gauvin-Chadwick
James and Carol Moller
Jane Harper
Jason and Deb Dalebroux
Jason and Molly Gaines
Jeff and Roberta Jackson
Jill Cooper and Barry Gustafson
Jim and Patty Carlen
Jim and Susan Lenfestey
Joel Dunning and Heather Rose-Dunning
Joesph and Regan Duffy
John and Jane Lonnquist
John and Jean O’Connell
John and Linda Sumner
John and Maureen Lynch
John Bellaimey and Lynnell Mickelsen
John Dietrich and Elizabeth Ryan – in memory of Ed and Mary Ann Dietrich
John Garrett and Colleen Graham
John Harrer
Jonathan and Sarah Sanborn
Judy Griesedieck and Mike Healy
Judy Lutter
Judy Meath and Xandra Coe
Kate Ellis
Kent Adams – in memory of Jim Owens
Kerry and Katy Vermeer
Kevin and Michele Krolczyk
Kim Dayton and Laurie Hanson
Kimbrell Family Charitable Fund
Kyle and Lindsay Henning
Larry and Donna Peszek
Larry Bakken and Cathy Jacobson
Lisa Pugh
Marbrook Foundation
Margaret Harrington Conroy and Grace and Bill Conroy
Margot L. Ritz/Larsen Fund
Marguerite Harvey
Mark and Kathy Gross – in honor of Erik Fagerstrom
Mark Gittleman and Debra Oberman – in memory of Jim Owens
Mary Bolla
Maxine Wallin
Michael and Catherine DeMane
Michael and Kelly Palmer
Michael Broton and Darielle Dannen – in memory of James A. Broton
Michael Edlavitch and Teresa Angier
Michael Gotzsche and Mary Moench
Michael Kinnee and Genevieve Johnson
Mike and Heidi Erickson
Mindy and Steve Benton
Mohamed Nouri
Neal Blanchett – in honor of August Blanchett
Penny Scialla
Paul Arbisi
Paul Fraser and Nancy Owens Fraser – in memory of Jim Owens
Paul Marshall Fund of the St Paul Foundation – in honor of John C. Burton
Paul S. Holte
Peter H. Bachman and Janet Rice Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Peter Hanson
Piotr and Laura Bednarski
Proto Labs Foundation
Punch and Associates Investment Management
Ray and Marilyn Anderson – in honor of Oscar and Alexandra
Rich and Karin Roof
Rich and Paula Colestock
Rich Tauer and Anne Marchand
Richard Pike and Barbara Conti
Rick and Diana Budde
Robert Kramer and Susi Saxl
Ron and Lisa Youngdahl
Ron Sternal and Nancy Gibson
Rowan and Christina DeBold
Ryan Atwell
Sandra Ryan
Scott and Kristi Pearson
Scott Rosenbaum and Gretchen Piper
Steve Befort
Steve Eberly and MariAn Klein
Steve Yore and Janine Sieja – in honor of Moira Petit
Steven and Rachelle Anderson
Stuart and Nancy Friedell Family Foundation
Taylor Fay and Jasmine Mastel-Lipson
The Anderson Family
The Anderson Family and Crown Construction
The Struyks
The Sue and Phil Ankeny Family Fund – in memory of Jim Owens
The Tuttle Family Fund – in memory of Jim Owens
Thomas and Barb Leppke-Hennig
Thomas Egger Sr
Thomas MacLeod and Christa Anders
Thomas Murphy – In honor of Wendy Reed and Annemiek Sistermans
Thrivent Financial – Your Cause, LLC – in memory of Jim Owens
Tim and Dawn Prinsen
Timothy and Francine O’Brien
Toby and Dorothy Markowitz
Todd and Alice Johnson
Todd and Anne Hinrichs
Tom Ajax and Jan McElfish
Tom and Kari Kleven
Tom and Sue Haeg – in honor of Lawrence and Helen Haeg
Tom F and Gail S Novacheck
Tricia Conroy and Shaheen family
True North Outdoors LLC
US Bank Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
Will Miner
Will Schroeer and Pam Fickenscher
William Hittler and Donna Watz
William Mullen and Stephanie Lauenstein
Wilson and Barbara Lundsgaard – in memory of Jim Owens
Win and Binky Rockwell
Wolf Tooth

$500 to $999

Andrew Egger
Andrew Kay
Anonymous (5)
Anonymous – in honor of the Eden Prairie Nordic Ski Team
Anonymous – in memory of James A. Broton
Anthony and Angela Balzarini-Leonhart
Ben Cantlon and Kristin Burger
Bill and Kate Richtman
Bill and Maggie Dexheimer Pharris
Bill and Mary Beth Tuttle
Brett and Cindy White
Brian and Barb Meeker
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Bruce and Ann Nerland
Bruce and JulieAnne Hjerpe
Carla McGrath and Cole Rogers
Cathy Polasky and Ave Nelson – in memory of Jim Owens
Cees Duijndam
Cheryl and Jeff Dubois
Chidam and Meenakshi Chidambaram
Chris and Nicole Harvey
Costa Voulgaropoulos and Yianna Apostolidou
Curt Werdal
Dallas and Amy Johnson
Dan and Judy Titcomb
Daniel L. Sutton
Dave and Sandra Rhude
Dave Mott and Jackie Melgard
David and Amy De Jong
David and Ann Wasson
David and Carmela Kranz
David and Dennie Scott
David Knoop
David Mahoney and Lisa Whitehill
Dick Hurrelbrink and Sarah Caruso
Doug Keller and Kathleen Miller
Douglas Neimann
Duane Phinney
Employees of QBP
Eric and Jessica Edevold
Eric and Michelle Lebow
Faribault Woolen Mill Co.
Frances Wise
Fred Kuhnen
Gerald Kollodge
Greg and Martha Pomerantz – in honor of Penelope Greene
Greg Fangel and Liz Wagner – in honor of Norm Oakvik
James Bischoff
Jamie McBride and Maren Olson
Jeffrey Hanson and Ann Hayden
Jesse Cook and Martina Sailer
Jim and Beth Kuzzy
Jim Sparks and Anna Schmalzbauer
Joel Woodward and Brenda Butler
John and Heather Ostergren
Jon and Susan Krook
Judd and Maya Larson and Monica Smith
Keith and Sandy Jones
Ken Valley and Jane DeKraay
Kevin and Beth Dooley
Kevin and Raquel Counihan
Kim and Larry Stephan
Kim and Laurie Boyce
Larry and Kay Horsch – in memory of Jim Owens
Marise Widmer
Mark Schneider and Mary Lincoln
Martin and Dorothy Richmond
Mary Bauer
Mary Fitzpatrick
Michael and Pam Nightingale
Michael Moulsoff and Jan Kihm
Mike and Fran McCloskey
Mitch Vars
Morgan and Anna Burns
Nathaniel Scott and Kimberly Viskocil
Paul and Teri Richardson
Paul Merwin
Penny and Steven Sanderson Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Pete Dahlquist
Peter and Bridget Daniels
Peter and Mary Sue Vorbrich
Piper Jaffray Companies
Richard Paal and Amy Casey-Paal
Robert and Julia Lyng
Slater and Lise Crosby
Stephen and Elizabeth Shaffer
Steve and Ellen Klos
Steven and Christine Dwyer
Stuart Bradt
The Elizabeth Fund
Thomas Shaw
Tim Olken-Hunt
Tom and Martha Meyer
Tom and Rose Mary Meyer
Tom Bird and Catherine Shreves – In honor of Mary Bolla and David Dayton
Ulrike Axen
Wade Gulbransen and Nicolle Harty
Wallace and Beckie Alexander
Walter Pickhardt
Wayne and Lynde Vespoli
Yuriy Gusev – in honor of Igor Badamshin

Up to $499

Aaron Rutzick
Abby Holmquist
Adam and Susan Gordon
Adam Segar
Adrian Peers
Adrienne and Steve Oesterle
Al Iverson
Alex Dobbertin
Alexandra Renslo
Alice Kullman – in memory of Jim Owens
Alicia Eimers
Alisa Reckinger
Alix and Holly Magner
Allan Green and Kristine Severson
Allen Hanson
Allison Laurent
Ameriprise Financial
Andrea Chazin
Andrew and Amy Willette
Andrew and Marlene Strom
Andrew and Sarah Morrow
Andrew Blazar – in honor of Bill Blazar, Mary Hunstiger and Family
Andrew Brown
Andrew Karre
Andrew Tilman
Andrew Tubesing and Heather Isernhagen
Andy and Tammy Vergeront
Andy Fehrenbach
Angie Dahl
Ann Holt – in honor of Carol Owens and Jim Owens
Ann Kools
Ann Schley
Annamarie Daley
Anne Walters
Annie Trimberger
Anonymous – in honor of Adam Bock
Anonymous – in memory of Jim Owens
Anonymous – in honor of the Minne-Loppet Programs
Anonymous (70)
Anthony and Katie Severt
Aon Foundation
Arne Sorenson
Audrey Greene – in honor of Penelope Greene
Austin Morrow
Balance Fitness
Barbara Templeman – in honor of Steve Yore
Barry and JoAnn Birkholz
Becca Nelson
Becky Brooks
Becky Nahm
Ben and Megan Popp
Ben and Nicole Clarke – in honor of James B. Clarke
Ben Fife
Ben Horn and Lisa Goodman
Ben Larson
Ben Witt
Benjamin and Nancy Antin
Bernie and Jan Wagnild
Beth Desnick and Noah Raaum
Beth Robinson
Beth Wicklund
Betty Meyer – in memory of Jim Owens
Bill and Casey Hooke
Bill and Jennifer Welsh
Bill and Sally Centner
Bill Delano and Lisa van der Steur
BL Lever
Blaine Gudbjartsson and Allison Hannon – in honor of Gunnar Gudbjartsson
Blaze Fugina
Blong Yang and Mai Neng Moua
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Employee Gift Matching
Bob and Marie Feely
Bob Iverson
Bob Thompson
Bob Wheeler and Teri Schiller
Bobby and Barbara Griffin – in memory of Jim Owens
Boe Carlson
Bonnie Carlson-Green and Martin Green – in honor of Loppet Ski Club Coaches
Boston Scientific Employee Giving Program
Brad and Ruth Ehalt
Brandon Whittey and Amy Braford Whittey
Brent and Michelle Bjerkness
Brett and Carla Carver
Brett Arenz
Brian and Caitlin Gregg
Brian and Erica Driver
Brian and Heidi Lee
Brian and Jennifer Kompelien
Brian and Kim Fragodt – in memory of Jim Owens
Brian Gottschalk
Brian Krueger
Brian McCollor
Britt Peterson
Bruce and Char Bostrom – in honor of Sonja Johnsen
Bruce and Janell Siegfried
Bruce and Margaret Adelsman
Bruce and Mary Bildsten
Bruce Lemmons
Buddy and Lisa Ide
Byron Lubenkov
Caesar and Susie Galiano
Cam Hoang
Carey LaMere
Carey Manson
Carl Bostroem
Carrie Muehlbauer
Casey Adams
Catherine Lipinsky – In honor of Andrew and Peter Lipinsky
Cathy Konat
Charles and Caryn Donly
Charles and Kirstin Johnson-Nixon
Charles and Rebecca Lyon
Charles and Valerie Anderson
Charles Lodge
Charles Thiele
Charlie and Jacie Hurd
Charlie and Pam Hile – in memory of Arnie and Doris Holt
Cheryl Ajax
Chip Welling and Barb Thoman
Chris and Cristy Leaf
Chris Fisher and Patty Hoolihan
Chris Freed
Chris St. George
Chris Sur
Christine Kane
Christopher and Venke Davis
Christopher Lynch
Chuck and Nancy Liddy
Cinda Collins
Claire Luby
Claire Wilson
Clifford Owen
Cody and Erica Schimelpfenig
Constance Baillie
Corey Towle and Ali Parsons – in memory of Titus J. Goodew
Craig and Kira Stolen
Craig Cardinal
Craig Poorker and Joanie Miller
Craig Truempi – in honor of Eden Prairie Nordic
Curt and Helen Hillstrom
Cynthia Alper
Dale and Ann Warner
Dale and Sue Claridge
Dan and Alye DeRoma
Dan Beno
Dan Campbell
Dan Gilchrist and Suzanne McCurdy
Dan Jackson
Dan Killian and Barb Livick
Dan Ness and Linda Zespy – in honor of Mary Bolla and David Dayton
Dan Rutman – in honor of Cynthia Osterling
Dana Hamilton
Dana Rasmussen
Dana Schnobrich
Daniel and Cheryl Dulas
Daniel and Donna Melville – in memory of Jim Owens
Daniel Gerdts
Dario Anselmo
Darrell and Jennifer Fusaro
Darren and Ann Ruschy
Dave and Bridget Keller
Dave Barnard and Karen Weium
Dave Carlson
Dave Lofquist and Rebekah Ormsby
David and Alison Whitaker
David and Amy Moore
David and BethAnn Chamberlain
David and Margaret Vergeyle
David and Mary Johnson
David and Melanie Goodwyne
David and Susan Lima
David and Suzanne Carson
David Delforge and Cynthia Miller
David Goodman
David Hartman
David Helm
David Hoiland and Rhonda Kuehl
David Jacobson
David Martinson and Arielle Courtney
David McKay and Ranee Ramaswamy
David Miller and Sara Jones – in honor of Henry and George Jarvinen
David Munn
David Paulson
David Zarkower and Vivian Bardwell
Dean Bachmeier
Deborah Saul – in memory of Jim Owens
Deborah Slomkowski – in honor of the Wayzata Mountain Bike Team
Deborah Sussex and Michael Dietzman – in memory Jim Owens
Debra Delaney
Dede Antonelli
Dennis and Ann Frett
Dennis and Barb Ehlert
Dennis Olmstead
Derek Gavigan
Dixon Pettengill
Don Giesting and Catherine Welch
Donald and Mary Hauff
Dorothy J. Horns and James P. Richardson
Doug and Anne Westby
Doug and Karen McElrath
Doug Hanson
Doyle and Lorie Herman
Drew Carlson
Drew Holbrook and Lynne Cecil
Dunn Bros. Coffee
East Calhoun Community Organization
Edward Kohler
Edward Swain and Mary Keirstead
Edwin Chanin
Elizabeth Hinz
Elizabeth Lapetina
Elizabeth Sletten – in honor of Penelope Greene
Emily Eastman
Eric and Jennifer Rudie
Eric and Jessica Rhyner
Eric Brandt and Malwina Caban
Eric Flom and Nancy Nelsen-Flom
Eric Halverson and Regan Reinerth
Eric Pirius
Erik Fagerstrom
Erik Hendrickson
Erik Hinkie and Erica Gardner
Erik Minge and Tazia Brunetti
Erik Peterson and Heidi Annexstad
Erik Pieh and Elspeth Ronnander
Erik Randall
Evan Pengelly
Everett and Valerie Arnold
Forrest and Beth Russell
Frank and Peggy Johnson
Fritz and Annie Cleveland
Gabriel Hanson
Gary and Barbara Krupp
Gary and Colleen Smith
Gary and Wendy Wold
Gary Schmalzbauer
Geir Johansen
George and Mary Wawro
Gerry and Susan Timm
Glenn and Marlys Fuller – in honor of the Alexander family
Google Inc.
Grace Fredrickson
Grant Tanenbaum
Greg and Kathy Olson
Greg and Martha Archer
Greg and Megan Schmidt
Greg and Wendy Fields
Greg Reierson
Greg Reinhiller
Gregory A. Filice
Gregory and Gale Shuster
Gregory Chastain and Molly Cooper
Gretchen Mueller
Guff Van Vooren and Vicki Raport
Hanna Gilsvik
Hannah Friedlander
Hans Harlane
Heidi Hamilton
Herman Milligan
Hilary Patzer
Holly Windschitl
Homewood Studios
Hudie and Sarah Broughton
Ian and Lisa Kushner
Jack Cheesebro and Jane Dougherty
Jackie Peterson
Jacob and Kirsten Kjome
James and Sharon Allen
James and Brigitte Ketterson
James and Deanna Sokolowski
James and Mary Clarke
James and Mary Ellen Greene
James Archer
James Jackson
James Kauth and Martha Flynn
James Luby and Emily Hoover
James Schneider
JAMF Nation Global Foundation
Jamie Honour – in memory of Jim Owens
Janet LaMere
Janis Clay and Elam Baer
Jason Flynn and Stacey Boggs
Jay Coogan and Kathleen Pletcher
Jay Swanson and Ellen Doll
JD Downing
JD Haas
Jed and Jocelyn Gorlin
Jeff and Laura Schmieg
Jeff Berg
Jeff Born
Jeff Nelson and Kathy Loeffler
Jeff Roberts
Jeffery Mcnaught and Lori Mittag
Jeffrey and Carol Ingram
Jeffrey Burton and Varda Nauen – in honor of Penelope and Mark Greene
Jeffrey Dekko and Christie Rhodes Dekko – in memory of Jim Owens
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Hovelsrud
Jennifer Leazer
Jennifer Mewaldt
Jerry Pomije
Jess Fauchier
Jesse Pearson
Jessica Meyer – in honor of Lindsay the Loppet Queen!
Jill Jacoby
Jillian Mazullo
Jim and Janice Fallon
Jim and Sue Westerman
Jim Cuene – in honor of the Wayzata Mountain Bike Team
Jim Manolis and Emily Green
Jim Ramstad – in memory of Jim Owens
Jim Young and Kathryn Steinberger
Jo Donovan – in honor of the coaches at Minneapolis South High School Nordic Skiing
Joan Stanton
Joanne Torfin – in honor of the awesome Clarke skiers!
Jock and Sara Donaldson
Joe and Carrie Lifland
Joe and Karen Mayer
John and Gwen Daniels
John and Laura Crosby
John and Audrey Colasanti
John and Bonnie Albrecht
John and Jennifer Sullivan
John and Kate Sandberg
John and Kim Thies
John and Kris Miller
John and Laura Taft
John and Maria Rosengren
John and Rachel Ohman
John and Rebecca Bartlett
John and Teresa Richter
John Breitinger
John Callahan
John Forrest
John Haberman
John Haveman
John Healy and Krista Post
John Hoch and Lori Robinson
John Kostouros
John Meccia
John Pedersen and Laura Fingerson
John Ryden
John Scheef
John Schmidt
John Speltz and Barbara Holzl Speltz
John Strand
John Tieszen
Jon and Dana Schroeder
Jon and Jennifer Severson – in memory of William B. Wilcox
Jon Anderson
Jon Bye
Jon Dicus and Jennifer Breen
Jon Olson
Jon Schwartz
Jonathan and Gretchen Sage-Martinson
Jonathan and Nancy Rova
Jonathan Levy and Beth Virnig
Joni Scheftel
Josh and Jane Wolke
Judith Walsh
JW McGill Charity Account
Kai Richter and Zenaida Chico
Karen Bebchuk
Karen Kleinhans
Katelyn Engel
Katharine Kelly
Kathryn Kerber
Kathryn Wyatt
Katrese Ringham
Katy Lindblad
Keith and Betsy Gilbert
Keith and Jackie Jimmerson – in memory of Jim Owens
Keith Prussing
Keith Radtke
Kelly Fitz
Kelly Knaus
Ken and Nicole Barnes
Ken Rosen
Kent and Cindy York
Kent White
Kevin and Katie Greimel – in honor of Mark Lauren
Kevin and Kelly Gross
Kevin and Kristine Johnson
Kevin Curry
Kevin Kos
Kevin Murphy
Kim and Kathy Woolsey
Kim Kelley
Kim Noha
Kirk and Margo Roberts
Kirk and Pam Hyatt
Knute Sands
Kristen Spargo and John Aiken
Kristin Makholm – in memory of Jim Owens
Kristina Lund
Kristine Anderson
Kurt and Barbara Klussendorf
Kurt and Laura Taken-Holtze
Kurt Kelsey and Mary Lynch
Kurt Waltenbaugh and Tracy Nordstrom
Kurt Ware
Kurtis Fechtmeyer and Alison Townley – in honor of Leslie Hale
Kyle and Kerstin Nickodem
Larry and Debby Myers
Laura and Dan Swartz
Laura Berg
Laura Kossan
Lauren Kiesel
Lauren Ott
Laurie Headrick – in memory of Jim Owens
Lawrence Fox and Beth Foster
Leo Simmons
Leonard and Jeri Coequyt
Linda Ruetz
Lisa Heille
Lora Arnold
Lorelee Miller
Loucine Spring
Lucas Malm
Lynn Anderson
Lynn Franklin
Lynn Perszyk
Lynn Randazzo
Maddie McAlister
Mandy Beech – in memory of Jim Owens
Marc and Jane Matsoff
Marc Shapiro
Maret Family
Margaret MacGregor – in memory of Hap Lutter and Malcolm MacGregor
Marie Jordan
Mark Addicks and Tom Hoch
Mark Ambroe and Kathleen Sullivan
Mark and Ann Marie Hayes
Mark and Lynn Erickson
Mark and Mary Van Note
Mark and Sara Fabel
Mark Brose
Mark Dittrich – in memory of Jim Owens
Mark Francis
Mark Hennessy
Mark Larson
Mark Rathbun
Mark Stange
Mark Trumper
Mark Wanderman and Kristin Benson
Marlene Michels – in honor of Kim Rudd
Martin Wera
Marty and Sheila Berger
Mary Castaneda – in memory of Jim Owens
Mary Cavanagh
Mary Faist Pekala
Mary O’Donnell
Matt and Amy Runion
Matt and Caitlin Pekuri
Matt and Mia Boos
Matt and Teresa Callahan
Matt Reeve
Matt Thill
Matt Weier
Matthew and Kathy Waite
Matthew and Rebeccah Stay
Matthew Bosman
Matthew Egger
Matthew Foli and Nancy Meyer
Matthew Spies and Julia Silvis
Maureen and Gordon Rudd
MB Lardizabal
Megan Dehart-Gerlach
Meghan Cosgrove
Meghan Krause
Melanie Sorensen
Michael and Debbie Gold
Michael and Gwen Martin
Michael and Heather Noble
Michael and Karla Bratrud
Michael and Susan Blehert
Michael and Susan Risse
Michael and Tammi Cheever
Michael Bourne
Michael Brehm
Michael Keck
Michael Kral and Molly Jordan Kral
Michael Miller and Mary Olk
Michael Nystuen
Michael Skoglund and Nicole Moen
Michelle Rankin – in memory of Jim Owens
Mickey Scott – in Memory of Peter Westra
Mike and Becky Hofstad
Mike and Erin Keyes
Mike and Kobi Hoffman
Mike and Nancy Lyner
Mike and Tracy Hartmann
Mike Elson
Mike Garrity
Mike Johnson and Mary Van Pilsum-Johnson
Mike Reid – in memory of Jim Owens
Miles and Leslie Anderson
Molly Hillstrom
Molly Watkins
Mound Westonka Nordic Ski Team
Nancy Gregerson
Nancy Mate – in honor of John Munger
Naomi Lund
Nathaniel Tollefson and Susan Schaars
Nick Cross
Nicole Schneider
Nikolai Langlois
Noah and Heather Day
Noah Levie and Margaret Shea Family Fund
Noah Levie and Peggy Shea
Odd Osland
Optum Health
Pam Dahle
Pat Foley
Patricia Marxen Nye and Robert Nye – in memory of Jim Owens
Patrick and Alyson Quinn
Patrick Sipe
Patrick Skinner
Patrick Weiland – in honor of the Greenes
Paul and Barb Schlaefer
Paul and Janna Krawczyk
Paul and Laura Morrill
Paul and Randa Schuster
Paul and Sheryl Gage
Paul Bloomberg
Paul Bulger
Paul Claseman
Paul Connors
Paul Kellett
Paul Tuite
Paul, Annette, Lucy and Skip Nelson – in memory of Jim Owens and in honor of Max Owens
Paula Schreifels – in memory of Jim Owens
Pete and Leslie Bacig
Peter and Anne Harris
Peter Ekberg
Peter Greene – in honor of Mark and Penelope Greene
Peter Seterdahl – in memory of Jim Owens
Peter Wentzel
Phil Bode and Ann Kragenbring
Phil Carruthers – in honor of Jay and Ellen Swanson
PT and Beatrice Magee – in honor of Mark and Penelope Greene
R.T. Rybak and Megan O’Hara
Rabbi Art Gould and Carol Robinson – in honor of Audrey Abrams
Rachel Abrams – in honor of David Abrams
Raj and Lora Joshi
Ralph Schwartz
Randy and Bird Anderson
Ray Aponte
Ray Larson
Raymond Boyle and Susan Tuck
Rebecca Zadroga
Rich Baker
Richard Adair
Richard and Arlene Erickson
Richard and Raleigh Fromstein
Richard Chin
Richard Iwen and Jennifer Roos
Rick and April Reuter
Ride and Glide Ski Club – in honor of Ken Tobacman
Rob Ogren and Carrie Mikulich
Robby Larsen
Robert and Beth Vorpahl
Robert and Joan MacLeod
Robert and Kathy Hendrickson
Robert and Melissa Acton
Robert and Michelle Ott
Robert and Sheryl Golin
Robert Kolasa and Loie Lenarz – in honor of Dick Howard
Robert Laue
Robert McCabe and Holly Ager – in honor of Norm Oakvik
Robert McKlveen and Ellen Jones
Rodney and Janet Jerve
Roger and Dolly Buettner
Roger and Sandy Clarke
Roger Heegaard and Cheryl Thomas
Ron and Denise Hedberg
Ron and Janet Christenson
Roseanne Hope
Roy Ginsburg
Rudolph Maxa
Ruth Hovey
Ruth Shields
Ruth Taylor
Ryan and Megan Welty
Ryan Fox and Teresa Kimberley
Sanford and Laura Olevitch
Sarah Farley
Sarah Gutknecht
Sarah Reinhardt
Scott and Ann Ulring
Scott and Jodi Stammer – in honor of Mike Erickson
Scott and Sarah Sponheim
Scott Kyser
Scott Nelson – in honor of Scott Gislason
Scott Williams
Sean and Gina Picht
Seth Haskell
Seth Nesselhuf
Sharon Stubler
Shelley Carthen Watson
Shelley Nelson
Sherry Rudin
Sid Voss
Siglinde Moore
Sima Griffith
Simon Foster and Nikki Sorum
Sing-Ping Liu
Solveig Olson
Spencer Davis
Spring Lake Park/St. Anthony Nordic Ski Boosters
Stacie Price
Stacy Anderson – in honor of Mark and Penelope Greene
Stephanie Peters
Stephen and Colleen Lucke
Stephen and Deborah Wilbers
Stephen and Susan Michals
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Casey
Stephen Regenold
Stephen Roemer
Stephen Smith and Deborah Zvosec
Steve and Andrea Jones
Steve and Colleen Semmer
Steve and Jill Sonnesyn
Steve and Jill Troutner
Steve and Jodie Hirsch
Steve and Shelly Howe
Steve Bakken
Steve Barron
Steve Brothers
Steve Manderscheid
Steve Share and Ronna Rochell
Steven and Kristin Pippin – in memory of Norman Pippin
Steven and Toya Downey
Steven Goetz and Swagata Banerjee
Steven Hanovich and Melissa Mark
Steven Mills
Steven Young
Sue Fier
Sue Schroeder and Jim Syverson
Susan Knutson
Susan McLeod – in honor of Jennifer McLeod Hill
Susan Micks
Susan Rickert
Susan Zeni – in honor of Jim Young
Suzanne Swanson
Sylvia McCollor
Taag and Jenny Ebert
Tammie Rosenbloom – in honor of Minneapolis kids
TCF Foundation
The Cork Family
“The Marcus R. and Regina M. Magnuson Family Donor Advised Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance
Charitable Foundation”
Thomas and Elena Brown
Thomas and Janet Scott
Thomas and Julie Cahoy
Thomas and Katie MacDonald
Thomas and Lisa Bramer
Thomas and Margit Berg
Thomas and Paula Crouch
Thomas O’Leary and Cindy Angerhofer
Thomas Rock and Melissa Raphan
Thomas Thornquest and Stacy Hurst
Tim Holmstrom
Tim Kokes
Tim McGann
Tim Miner
Tim Smith
Tim Wegner
Timothy and Jody Quesnell
Timothy Piehler and Sarah Rose
Todd and Kate Cravens
Todd Harmsen
Todd Jones and Terri Shefelbine – in memory of John Shefelbine
Tolly Vollen
Tom and Linda Nyman – in honor of Steve Yore
Tom and Marian Delaney
Tom and Susan Trondson
Tom Anderson and Joan Hughes
Tom Crampton and Betty Lunemann – in honor of Sam and Addy Sinkler
Tom Davis and Marge Watry
Tom Evers and Erin Sugrue
Tom Hedberg
Tom Hysell
Tom Trachtman
Tom Walker
Tonja Sahaydak
Tony and Kathleen Green
Tony and Kathy Mommsen
Tony Goldenstein and Lisa Shafer
Tracey Donesky
Travis and Amy Hinck
Trevor and Stephanie Croteau
Tucker and Carolyn Dahl
Valerie Watson
Vincenzo de Bellis
Virginia Smith – in honor of David Abrams
Wallace Wadd
Weber Community Planning
Will and Sally Munger
Will Bildsten
Will O’Keefe
Will Perkiss and Andrea Breen
William and Carol Hay
William and Doralu Lynch
William and Kate Hartfiel – in memory of Jim Owens
William and Manon Sternberg – in memory of Jim Owens
William Dolan and Jane Tilka
Xena Huff
Zero-Max Inc.

Other Donors

Jonathan Scott and Cynthia Pick

This list reflects donors to the Trailhead capital campaign through June 30, 2017. If you have an update to this list, or would like information on giving opportunities, please contact Development Director, Marin Byrne, at byrne@loppet.org.

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