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Ski Club Spotlight: Bonnie Carlson-Greene

This article was posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

unnamed (4)The Ski Club Spotlight shines a light on passionate members and coaches. This month we are featuring Bonnie Carlson-Greene.

If you’re a Ski Club Member and would like to be featured, please e-mail Anthony Taylor.

The Loppet: Why did you join Ski Club ?

Bonnie: I was an adult latecomer to nordic skiing. I had enjoyed my own version of “shuffle skiing” in the woods on my waxless skis, but wanted to learn how to do it better (that is, to not have to take off my skis in order to get up or down any hills). I also needed to get over my wax anxiety. That was about 5 years ago and I continue to come back because of the commitment of the coaches and the support of the other skiers in the club. It became a year round experience in order to get (and stay) fit for ski season.

What was your Aha! moment in the club?

Bonnie: When one of the coaches mentioned it could take seven years to become a decent skate skier and even longer to master classic. Then I knew I was in it for the long haul. I keep learning and improving every year.

What is your favorite Loppet event?

Bonnie: Hands down it is watching the Minne-Loppet. I have loved watching it from the beginning when there would be an explosion of kids tumbling like puppies down the Mall in Uptown towards Lake of the Isles, knowing that there would be a medal and a cookie at the end. I love watching the joy on their faces as they begin their journeys on skis and watching them blow by me on the trails at Wirth a few years later. I look forward to volunteering with one of the youth programs in the future.

What is your favorite Loppet Story?

Bonnie: It is the background story of this group. That it is a welcoming and inclusive and supportive group of skiers who are looking to better themselves. That they encourage each other to not only be better skiers, but to stay active all year through pole hiking, biking, swimming, running, triathlon events, and others. That there is so much good humor. That they support each other through injuries, serious illnesses, life’s challenges, births and deaths and participating in each other’s poetry readings, art shows, travel presentations and so much more.

What is your favorite Loppet Volunteer experience?

Bonnie: There are so many! Maybe serving former Mayor R.T. Rybak a chunk of banana at the 394 overpass food stop or having the elite skiers take precious time during their race to thank us for volunteering. I became a volunteer before I joined ski club because of my experience participating in the Luminary Loppet and how impressed I was at the efforts of the volunteers to pull off the event. It has only gotten bigger and better since that time.