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Ski Club Spotlight: Julie and Tom Cahoy

This article was posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10505509_926568327354401_9202381107691200003_nThe Ski Club Spotlight shines a light on passionate members and coaches. This month we are featuring husband and wife members, Julie and Tom Cahoy.

If you’re a Ski Club Member and would like to be featured, please e-mail Anthony Taylor.

The Loppet: Why did you join Ski Club?

Julie and Tom: We have both been skiing for nearly 40 years. After all those years, we figured it was about time that someone teach us how.

The Loppet: What was your Aha! moment in the club?

Julie and Tom: Our love for skiing started in the Northwoods of Minnesota and Wisconsin. We both grew up downhill skiing and often we would go North to cross-country ski. We loved downhill skiing, but eventually came realize that the peace and solitude of cross-country skiing was for us.

The Loppet: What is your favorite Loppet event?

Julie and Tom: Our favorite Loppet event so far is the Puoli Classic. We raced for the first time last year.

The Loppet: What is your favorite Loppet Story?

Julie and Tom: I still remember my first time participating in the Luminary Loppet. It was a few years ago and it was just so beautiful! Back then it was not as busy. One of the local churches used to make the hot cocoa and they had those individual packets and a coffee pot of hot water. The volunteers there would make each person a cup and it was delicious! They did that for a few years until the crowds swelled and there was no way they could keep up with the demand from all the skiers. They sure tried, though and everyone there was so nice about it!

The Loppet: What is your favorite Loppet Volunteer experience?

Julie and Tom: We ALWAYS enjoy volunteering — whatever the task — because it means we get to work with such wonderful people! We’ve particularly enjoyed being course marshals for the City of Lakes Loppet and the Tri-Loppet, because it gives us the opportunity to see the best athletes in action!

Join Julie and Tom, and all of our other Loppet Ski Club members at any of our events. It is never too late to join! Visit the Loppet website for Loppet Ski Club information.