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Join the Loppet Ski Club for the Final Session of: Aging as Athletes

This article was posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thursday, February 25 – 7pm Wirth Chalet

Okay, you’ve skied the Loppet, maybe; skied the Birkie, again, maybe; but even if you haven’t, you’ve been skiing all season and the body (yes, even your body) might be starting to ache a little. What to do? How to stay healthy and maybe avoid shoulder, back, hip or knee trouble through the off-season?

Aging as Athletes will be presenting some active “on-the-floor” exercises to help protect our joints and muscles as we go about otherwise abusing our bodies with off-season dryland training and other sports activities. Our lead physical therapist will be with us to put us through our paces (in a nice way). Bring a yoga mat or pad; dress for a workout.

Brooke Darst Rice will be with us. She is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics, cancer rehabilitation, and pelvic health. Brooke is also a cycling instructor at the YWCA of Minneapolis and participates regularly in recreational running, triathlon, and alpine skiing. At 33, Brooke put her 2008 federal tax rebate to good use and purchased her first pair of skate skis. You can see her on the trail, learning more every day.